Caucasian Curry

Caucasian Curry


ahhh... the Portuguese Custard Tart. they are quite cute and really not that hard to make, although i AM wondering why they are "donned" Portuguese. they seem kinda country French or you might think the same thing in a pie crust dough would be English?...anyway, thanks to the Portuguese for these little babies AND many thanks to almostbourdain where i found this recipe.

the recipe does make 12 in a regular size muffin tin and i must say, these should be eaten the day of baking. i'm saying this only because due to HOT weather, i had to refridgerate some and it's just not the same(well, no different than anything with pastry dough). BUT don't let this deter you because they probably won't make it through the just doesn't seem to be enough.

the most time consuming part of the recipe is the handling of the dough. i know, you look at the recipe and sigh relief taht you can use frozen dough, BUT the rolling it up and rolling it out, then pressing into the cups takes a bit more effort. i'll cut the whining...because as you can see in this photo of the bottom, it becomes an important part of the tart cup. i think it makes it much better than some of the recipes that just say to form the dough straight into the tin.

i don't quite know what i would serve with these. just one on a plate looks kinda lonely...besides, they are definitely one of those things you just have to pick up and take a bite. no utensil would do it justice
anyhow..try them yourself. i think they would be great for a brunch.
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