Caucasian Curry

Caucasian Curry
Saturday, October 31, 2009


calling all chocolate lovers...
with an easy peezy chocolate glaze.
and a few spicy pecans thrown in for good measure. you know, i wonder where that saying originated from..."a little more for good measure"...measure of what exactly?...
MY SANITY?...if a few more of anything could keep me sane, then i'm all for it.

these cupcakes are great. as a matter of fact, this type of cake is my new favorite. i think it's because of the melted chocolate and butter added to the batter. it definitely adds to the moist factor. i have made a white chocolate mud cake (whole cake) a few times and LOVED it. it's so dense just a small piece will do and it makes such a good base for decorating. i even thought of making petite fours and making each one all cute and pretty, but lost the erge as soon as i had it. soon. BUT this time i though i'd try cupcakes. the texture is unlike a regular cupcake. a little less flakey-a little more crumbly. i think if i had pulled them out just a few minutes before, they would have been more like the dense white cake version i was thinking of. don't get me wrong...these are killer good.
i really recommend the glaze as well. it's so easy and it holds up so well. i was able to individually wrap each cupcake in a baggie. the glaze is so nice and smooth that it didn't stick all over the place like a normal frosting would. yet, the glaze is still soft to the bite, it doesn't harden like a shell.
300g dark chocolate
300g unsalted butter
5 eggs
125 caster sugar
115g self-rising flour
preheat oven to 160 celsius
place 14-16 paper muffin cups in tin
in a med. bowl set over a pan of gently simmering water, melt the choc. and butter together, stirring well so as not to seize up on the sides. when melted remove and let cool a little as you prep.
beat the eggs and sugar together in a large bowl untill pale and thick. fold in the flour and then stir in the melted chocolate mixture untill well blended. (i used a mixer for the whole process)
spoon the mixture into the cups and bake for 15 minutes. the cupcakes should be soft and gooey in texture and appearance. i left mine in just a bit longer, being my 1st time and all, and they came out great...just a bit more puffed. maybe less gooey. remove from the oven and let cool befor glazing or frosting.
1 c. chocolate chips
1 can condensed milk (14oz.)
1 tsp vanilla
melt the choc. and con. milk together. i like the double boiler method
add the vanilla and stir well....DONE!
pour or spoon over what ever you are magnificently with BUNDTS. i used it here on this quintuple choc. cake
you can even use a few coatings if you like it thick. i did on the cupcakes...and as i said, i doesn't harden to the bite, but it does dry and make easy to handle or cover it need be.
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Friday, October 30, 2009



bundts are a beautiful thing. you really can't go wrong with a bundt. everyone loves a good bundt. i think slicing them is the most fun, actually watching someone else slice it is even more one can decide if they should cut the premarked divisions or go outside the lines and divy up the cake evenly. bundt lovers out there know what i'm talkin' about. right?
even a bad bundt can be impressive with a tasty ganache poured all over dripping down the sides. or just go for the classic, and toss a little powdered sugar on and around and let the flavor of the cake speak for itself.
i liken the good ol' bundt to a favorite pair of can dress 'em up or dress 'em down, but you're always gauranteed a good time and a sure fit.
i found this beauty at while flipping through the pages at foodgawker. this one caught my eye because of the texture, and i LOVE anything that has almond flour in it. although mine turned out looking quite a bit different texture wise...i was very pleased with the finished product. a lite cakey texture(i thought it would be more dense from the almond flour) with just a hint of lemon. actually it turned out just like a good ol' bundt should...classic, understated delicious and moist.

with many thanks to

zest of 3 lemons
3 tbs lemon juice
2 cups unbleached all-purpose flour
1 cup ground almonds or almond flour...(i used ground blanched almonds i purchase ready-ground)
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla extract
3/4 cup sour cream
3 eggs, room temperature
1 cup butter, room temperature
1 cup sugar

Preheat oven to 350F.
Prepare a 12-cup bundt pan by spraying with nonstick baking spray and then sprinkling with flour.
Combine dry ingredients in a bowl (flour, ground almonds, baking powder, baking soda and salt) and set aside. In another bowl, combine zest, lemon juice, sour cream, and vanilla. Set aside.
Using an electric mixer, cream butter and sugar at medium speed until pale and fluffy. Add eggs one at a time, scraping and mixing after each addition.
Reduce to low speed then add about one-third of flour mixture, followed by half of sour cream mixture, mixing until just incorporated after each addition. Repeat with the remaining mixtures and continue mixing until well combined. Pour into prepared bundt pan.
Bake until top is golden brown and wooden skewer or toothpick inserted into center comes out with no crumbs attached, 45 to 50 minutes. Remove from oven and leave in pan for 10 minutes then invert onto wire rack and cool.

Note: You can add a lemon glaze to the pan while it is cooling by mixing 1/3 cup lemon juice with 3 tbs confectioner’s sugar and pouring it over the cake.
MY NOTE...i did not do this particular glaze, i opted for powdered sugar. i think this glaze sounds a bit too juicy/runny. it would probabaly be delicious if eaten right away, but in my experience this runny of a glaze doesn't sit well. i have made glazes like this much thicker(more powdered sugar) and it holds up well for days..almost seals it.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009


when i say easy...i mean EASY!!!
i've introduced this little fudge recipe secret before and will probably be bringing it up quite a few more times during these next few candy making months. so bear with while i try to come up with some more tasty, interesting and sometime odd flavors, shapes and sizes. BUT, for now, here's a shortcut to impresive truffles.
BIG secret?!...1 can Eagle Brand Condensed Milk
3 c. chocolate chips
1 t. vanilla
pinch salt
i prefer the double boiler mehtod. melt the chips and condensed milk together 'till smooth. stir alot so that the chocolate won't seize. when everything is melted
stir in the vanilla and salt. this is the time you can add anything you want. spice? heat? nut? craisins? etc...
transfer into a clean bowl/dish at refrigerate for a few hours. this is the same recipe for the easy peasy fudge i love to make, but instead of cutting into squares you just get your hands in there and roll little balls. then immediatly roll in what ever outer coating you chose. nuts are always a good choice (i like toasted almonds) or sprinkles or good ol' cocoa powder. DONE...
i'm not saying these are going to turn out like fancy delicate ganache truffles, but they are pretty darn good and definitely pass as a yummy treat.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009


TRICK ?...OR TREAT ?!...

the trick is....not to tell anyone what in the treat before the first bite...

seems like the second they hear bacon or cayenne the nose turns up. well, mine would have to untill i started experimenting with my first candy bar concoction..

yeah, yeah, might all be sick of the bacon and chocolate invasion. i know something has run it's course when they have it all over the Food Network. it seems like it's no longer an exotic strange phenomenon when everybody has seen it or heard of it.
well, sorry to say, i haven't lost the obsession for it yet. i guess i'm still on that "BACON MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER" train.
this is just one of many different little gems i came up with. how can ya go wrong with these main ingredients
bacon, bacon, more bacon...thick is always prefered
chocolate...i just used dipping chocolate (haven't really explored good chocolate yet)
caramel...homemade is prefered
peanut butter...chunky (choosy moms choose JIFF)
cayenne or arbol ground chili
how it works...
first i nuked the bacon. watch it closely if you do it this way. i like this method because the paper towels suck up all the fat and they come out in nice flat strips with less grease. sometimes i have to go the extra mile and pop them in the toaster oven to get them even crispier. crispy-crunchy is key.
next is the caramel...dipp the bacon. i cut the slices in half. let those cool and harden on a silpat or lightly buttered wax paper. 1st time i made the mistake of using plain wax paper...woops is all i can say about that.
then...dip the caramel strips in chcolate. i used th double boiler method. i think it makes it easier to keep the chocolate dippable for a longer period of time. might want to stop here. these are already quite tasty, but the second time around i wanted more and i wanted peanut buttter in the mix so i slathered one side with peanut butter and i even sprinkled extra chopped salted peanuts on top.
finally...dip, or carefully with a knife, get this whole thing covered in chocolate. it gets a bit messy and it's best not to get the peanut butter mixed into the chocolate while your working, so keep your knife clean. i must say, the addition of the salted peanuts is great.
oh..and don't forget the cayenne. i think i sprinkled that on after the caramel dipping.
the end result is a pretty ugly, but incredible candy bar. i know i will soon learn about tempering and all that goes along with candy making, but for now i'm having fun just learning as i go.
so, anyway you try this will come out delicious. you really can't go wrong with the main ingredients. as a matter of fact, i justbought another slab of bacon that i'm going to work with tomorrow. some of it might have to go into peanut brittle and the rest?...we'll see.
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


just three words to describe my newest obsession...


9:00 am..throw a bunch of good stuff in the pot

5:00 and enjoy

i'm sure most of you have one and if you don't, i implore you to get one. i forgot how genius they are. they are the original "SET IT AND FORGET IT", as Ron Popeal used to say about his clunky countertop rotisserie.

this recipe is so simple and, i have to say,
i never thought i would take on the challenge of corned beef. well, now i have, and i'll definitely do it again and again. my thought was, why make it when you can get it done properly somewhere else. so i thought...i used to live in L.A. and there were Jewish delis all over the place. they, of course, always have mouth watering corned beef on hand. now i find myself in Newport Beach and corned beef is only sold sliced at the deli counter or it's more of a seasonal thing and just not available when your taste buds are craving it. i'm sure you could find some prepared frozen, but i tend to stay away from the frozen section like the plague. so. i am very pleased i found this simple recipe and ever soooo pleased with my little slow cooker. can't wait to fill it up again. i think the next thing will be lamb shanks...YUMMM!!!
Prep Time: :25
Cook Time: 10:
6 carrots. cut into chunks
2 onions, chopped
2-3 lb. corned beef brisket with seasoning packet
12 oz. can beer (non alcoholic is fine)
2 Tbsp. yellow mustard
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 cup water
8 wedges cabbage
In 4-6 quart crockpot, combine carrots and onions. Rinse corned beef under cold running water and pat dry with paper towels. Place in crockpot and sprinkle with contents of seasoning mix. Pour beer over brisket and spread mustard on brisket. In small bowl mix brown sugar with water and pour over brisket. Cover crockpot and cook on low setting for 11-12 hours.
Remove corned beef from crockpot and cover with foil to keep warm. Add cabbage wedges to vegetables and liquid in crockpot. Cover crockpot and cook on high for additional 30-40 minutes or until cabbage is crisp tender.
To serve, cut corned beef across grain into thin slices. Remove vegetables from slow cooker with slotted spoon and serve with corned beef. Serve cooking juices over the food, if desired. Offer additional mustard on the side. 8 servings
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Sunday, October 18, 2009


WHAT !!?? you've never made these in your life...?!
if you haven't shame on you...sometimes you just have to turn off your computer, shelve the fancy cook books...

well Halloween is right around the corner and i'm all about candy and sweets lately. hey, maybe i'll go out trick or treating this year...who'll know how really old i am if i wear the right mask...think of all the free candy oooh, pretty candy lots of different candy..sweet candy...oh sorry. i was in a candy coma......i remember when i was a kid, there was nothin' like coming home with that pillow case of goodies and dumping it out on the kitchen table for all it cavity creating glory. mom would immediately have to put the brakes on the candy flyn' frenzy or we probably would have made a few trips to the hospital, simply exploded or lost our minds from the inevitable sugar buzz.
for these Creepy Crispies?
and i threw in a few brightly colored (Halloween special) M&M's with a few Gummy Worms shoved half way in.
my only suggestion is that if you are using M&M's work quickly and be aware that they will start to melt and split. the less you work with them the better.
i realized as i was writing this post that i have no actual picture of the squares...i just got so mesmerized by the face on the gummy worm. i just wanted to get his best side...
i shipped them off to the niece and nephews so fast i couldn't get another photo.
then again, i'm sure you know what they look like...seen one seen 'em all.
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Saturday, October 17, 2009


i know we'll probably see a zillion recipes for butternut squash soup in the next few months, but this one isn't really a soup, although you can just add a little more stock and a splash of cream to make it a warm, fall-ish bowl of gold. actually i found it in a health magazine and it was presented as a healthy alternative pasta sauce teamed up with some whole wheat pasta. yum!
i opted for a thick rich puree used under large pan seared scallops. not only was in tasty, but the color was so vivid and visually appealing.

so's just the darn prep work that takes a bit of time. of course, after the fact, i realize i could have bought already peeled garlic and ready skinned and diced butternut, but where's the fun in that?...sometimes the dish tastes just a bit better with a hint of sweat in the mix...right?
one of my least fav savory chores is peeling garlic AND skinning and cutting up those butternuts is not pleasant either. i know you can roast the butternut in halves, but i think the diced lends itself to the flavor more. more roasting area equals more roasty flavors.

this thick puree also is great for plate decor. i made these three quick swipes with a spoon and they stayed nicely for maybe 20mins or so. i say this because if you were serving quite a few people the plate would hold up well for service. didn't run or get watery like some do. maybe it's due to the trace oil and controlled chicken stock addition.

well, as i often find...some of the best things have the fewest ingredients.

peel and cube a med. size butternut squash
peel a whole head of garlic (i love garlic, really LOVE roasted garlic)
lightly toss with some good olive oil, salt and pepper to your liking.
now, if i were making it for myself alone, i would have put some heat in there. a little sprinkle of cayenne or chili arbor would do the trick.
put this in a large baking pan or cookie sheet. best if they are all out flat and not piled up.
400 degrees. get in there and toss it all around about every 10 mins 'till it all looks nice and roasty and the squash is fork tender. remove it from the oven and while it's still warm toss it with approx 1/4 finely chopped FRESH sage. i say approx because butternuts come in a wide variety of sizes, so just use a little more than you might think, i did, and was pleased with the flavor of the sage singing throughout.
now put this all in a nice tall sauce pan (you'll want to use a wand blender so chose your pan accordingly) add a little chicken stock. just a minimum at first untill you get the desired consistancy. season to taste and
VOILA...done...could that be any easier?
IMPORTANT...i think a hand/wand blender is manditory for this type of stuff. in fact, i think they should be manditory for every kitchen. i use mine all the time. so much easier than a stand up blender (which would not work for this thick of a puree) and a heck of alot cleaner and easier than the big ol' cuisinart.

the rest of the family had it as soup the next night and i enjoyed as a side a few times after it holds up really well, again, it didn't get watery.
the following week i did the same thing with a sweet want to talk difficult peeling and cutting?...but well worth it. so well worth it i bought another and need to go down staires and get started right now.
maybe i should stop by the garage and get the chain saw...?
PS...update...the sweet pumpkin i just had was unbelievably good. i did the same as above, BUT sprinkled just a hint of pumpkin spice on before roasting. still couldn't add the cayenne (wimpy palettes in this house), but the pumkin spice is a must try. by the way, i like to make my own pumpkin spice by mixing
1/2 t. ginger, 1/2 t. ground clove, 1/2 t. allspice, 1/2 t. nutmeg and 1 t. cinnamon...much better than that already made store bought stuff.
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Thursday, October 15, 2009


good ol' shortbreads

i like to call 'em "SHORTIES"

my go-to cookie. there's a certain cookie monster in this house that insists there be shortbreads all the time. some of my more experimental cookies don't quite hit the mark, but it seems most flavor combos are just fine when enveloped by shortbread cookie dough.

they are also the "gift-of-choice" cookie. as you can see they stack up nicely, making them very easy to package in those cute little twist tie gift bags or square goodie box. shelf-life?...they don't last around here long, but when i throw a little cayenne into the mix they don't get devoured as quickly (i'm the only one in the house that can stand the heat) and i'e tried one probably a week old and it was just as good. i make sure they're in an airtight container and i always put a papertowel at the bottom of the tupperware.
i think i've posted the base recipe a few times. it all started with a cookie from smitten kitchen that she got from dorie you know it's a good one, tried and true.
as i've stated before, i prefere the powdered sugar vs. granulated in my shortbreads...don't really know why, but they always come out perfect and they keep their shape really well.
one of my tricks that i think helps with the sharp edges is i pump the oven up to about 370 degrees for the first 4 mins then turn it down to 325 untill they're just turning golden around the edges..i find when using cocoa powder they really hold up and don't spread a bit, but if not, sometmes i'll just be a bit generous when measuring the flour. oh yeah...and make sure your cookies are cold right before putting them in the oven to further prevent spreading.
another great thing about this recipe is the ziplock baggie trick. makes things soooo easy for square or rectangular shapes. if using a cookie cutter, cut your first batch, then don't be afraid to throw your remainder into another baggie and repeat the process.
try any combo you seem to feel is right of just the flavors you have on hand. this base recipe shouldn't let you down.
PS...when i say base recipe, of course i mean just the ingredients - butter, flour, powdered sugar and vanilla extract...then add what ever you want. i've done lemon lavender, white chocolate cardamon, chocolate cayenne, craisin walnut and so on...too many to name.
hope you enjoy...let me know about some flavor combos you come up with...
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


the signage alone at "Chicken Charlie's" is enough to grab your culinary attention.
i read about Charlie's stand in the LA Times and just had to go to the LA County Fair for some of his DEEP FRIED FROG LEGS. i've heard tell of the imfamous deep fried Twinkie, that's old news, but i just had to get me some legs. so off i went, by myself, with the anticipation of a kid going to Disneyland for the first time.

i was so excited about the legs that i made the trek out to Pamona all by myself just to get my taste of these little jumpers. although i've had frog legs before, probably at some Frenchie French resaurant, i've never had them deep fried. we all know they're supposed to taste like chicken, but i was wondering if frying them was going to make them too much like chicken...i was kinda right. BUT, i gotta tell ya...they sure are fun to eat. you can't help but feel a little adventurous and a little righteous while gnawing on this little tiny leg that looks just a bit too much like a tiny little man's lower body?...yikes! i didn't really think of that 'till now and looking at the photos really makes one think...hmmm, well just don;t go there. anyway it all makes for good conversation, fun and i bet you'll be the only one on your block that's eaten frog parts. maybe they're not so odd back East or in the South, but out here in So.California you're only going to find them at the fair...deep fried that is. of course now i have seen them popping(sorry) up everywhere. iron chef, hell's kitchen AND some other foodie show. then again in the weds. food section they were critiquing Pinot Provence in Costa Mesa and one of the fav things on the menu was none other than FROG LEGS. now they're in my face everywhere. i can't wait to get my hands on more. i would love to find out where i could buy some and cook them myself, BBQ style, yum!...i supposed i could go down to the back bay and round a few up myself. maybe Dad could give me some pointers. he likes to tell stories of when he was a kid and his frog hunting days when he and his buddies would go down to the lake and whack the huge croakers over the head with an oar. sounds terrible, i know, but this was quite some time ago and P.C.(politically correct-ness) was unheard of. don't worry, i won't go there. i bet i'll find them frozen somewhere. new obcession for me to add to the list of many...
so next time you see me...jump at the chance!...sorry. had to say it...

pretty much a let down...
i was thinking crunchy doughnutty outer layer, the imfamous yellow cake all nice and warm, with the creamy middle ready to ooze out at first bite...sounds good huh?...well no such thing. as you can kind of tell by the photo, it was soggy, no outer layer and with some pathetic chocolate sauce poured over. as i stated before, in another post about all the sweets i tried at the fair, it could have been my fault the twinkie wasn't all that. i did happen to get it at "Chicken Charlie's"...the same stand that did the frog legs...i had to leave wondering if they were fried in the same vat?...don't get me wasn't aweful...i mean, i DID eat the whole thing.

needless to say, i WILL be seaching out the next fair. i had too much fun, and i can't wait to see what they come up with next...something fried, something diped, something poked with a sharp stick...what ever it is, i'll be first in line to give it a try...hope to see you there...

ps...more savories at the fair posted here..

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

LA FAIR FOOD...the savory side...YUMMM

this little excursion of mine was a fabulous and delicious introduction to Fair Foods. from the parking lot (quite a distance from the actual fair, i might add) you are immediatly summoned by the sweet smell of BBQ..BBQ anything and everything. i know first hand they've deep fried a Twinkie, but has anyone tried BBQing one yet..cuz lord knows they'll put anything in those big smokers...and it all good stuff.


i tried to tell myself that i wasn't gonna get any ribs, but who can resist?...i mean, your walkin' around through sweet smelling clouds of smokin' BBQ every turn you make. you try and avoid the temptation when all you see see are smiling faces at every stand with sauce running down there chins. you just want to jump right in...i had to. it was between the ribs, the brisket or the pulled pork sandwich. i chose the ribs. i'll say they were really finger lickin good. could've dealt with a little less sauce, but the meat was smokin' good.

the best popper i have ever had, or probably will ever have...untill next years fair, that is...
2..3 bites, at most, and you wish there was more. i would have bought a bushel if i thought they would travel well, but i think these are best eaten right on the spot. the salsa, or pico de gallo was excellent as well.


so obnoxious, so smokey, so BBQ-ey, so damn good!!!!!
this big ol' leg was almost single handedly (parden the pun) responsible for me driving all the way back, fighting the crowds for the last day of the fair. i couldn't stop talking about it and wishing i could get my hands on just one more...imagine this thing as big as my calf!...i had to bring this home, it was way too big and i had already eaten wayyyy toooo much, so i picked it up on the way out just out of pure curiosity. so glad i did. it was so big it wouldn't fit in my little travle cooler. i was so laughing to myself as i tried to zip it up and had this smokey bone sticking out the side.

this is what i would consider a short stack. some places had them piled high in those big drum smokers. the smokers there were as big as a studio apartment... i could move in...

just had to show the handle-end of leg. one could only feel a little caveman-ish, say Fred Flinstonian, while gnawing away with your hand wrapped around the end. i think it shows the smokey, BBQ bone madness of the stuation...i'm talking about the leg or ME !?

needless to say...i had a totally unexpected food-luvin' blast at the LA County Fair. i will definitly be there next year and will be up for going to any ol' fair if i spot one...or smell one...
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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

LA FAIR FOOD- the sweet side

first and formost..YUMMMM!!!!!
second...worth the trek out to Pamona?...YES! this little snack was the beginning to my foodie adventure through the LA County Fair.
i must say...this is one of the the main reasons i HAD to go to the fair(the real main reason was the DEEP FRIED FROGS LEGS!). i missed the Orange County Fair, and i had heard about the chocolate dipped bacon and how fabulous it was. so i mentioned the idea of going to the fair to a few people, but alas, no one bit (pardon the pun ?). no worries there, i went by myself, camera in pocket, a wad of dough/cash and a mini cooler packed with ice. i knew i'd have to bring some treats home. kinda like the story of The Little Red Hen...i ask and no one wants to go , BUT they all want to try a bite when i get home...right?
of course i have to admit, between the time i heard about it at the OC Fair and the day i went to the LA Fair i have since made my own chocolate covered bacon. i even took it a bit further..
carmel dipped bacon..THEN dipped it chocolate
AND even further...caramel dipped peanut rolled chocolate dipped bacon...
AND EVEN FURTHER...caramel dipped, peanut rolled chocolate dipped bacon...covered with a slather of peanut butter...then dipped AGAIN in chocolate !!!!...
try that on for size...
(post and pics coming soon)

this little number was called a chocolate dipped sampler...really nothing to write home about. i should have gotten the chocolate dipped cheesecake on a stick, although i was too excited when i saw chocolate dipped cheetos on the menu, but was let down when #1 the cheetos in my sampler weren't dipped and #2 when i mentioned this to the vender he took them back into his little trailer of chocolate dipping magic only to produce a small, very pathetic, drizzle over the three lonely cheetos. of course now i've been dreaming of chocolate DIPPED crunchy firey cheetos and choc dipped chili cheese FRITOS...YUMMMM..will have to try this one soon.


sorry to say...another let down...i was really looking forward to this one. i've heard rumors of the elusive deep fried old school treat along with it's pal the deep fried snickers and reeses bars, but i had to chose just's all i could handle. people that know me know that i wouldn't usually even consider the thought, let alone touching such a heart stopping, calorie infused, greasy pointless carbohydrate...then again, maybe few know this secret little sneeky sweet gooey lovin' side of me.
not so secret anymore...

funny thing let down about it that i was...i finished the whole thing. and quite swiftly i might add.

about the actual deep fried Twinkie?...i thought it would be like it's cousin the deep fried snickers...coated in batter, then deep fried, givin it a slightly crunchy exterior...kind of doughnut like. nope. as you can even tell in the photo it was quite soggy. did i mention that it was probably an error on my part due to the fact i got the twinkie at the same stand i purchased the deep fried frogs legs...hmmm...hope it wasn't fried in the same vat?...don't wanna think about it.
in conclusion...i can't wait for the next fair. i know someone out there is dreaming up the next bestest thing to deep fry, slather in chocolate and or SERVE IT ON A STICK!...
i'll be there...first in line.
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Sunday, October 4, 2009


give this expensive, exotic fruit a little cheap and cheerful southern kick in the pants...
a drizzle of maple syrup and a sprinkle of chili arbol will do the trick.

i wonder why this is called dragonfruit...i guess the outside (should have taken a picture of it whole) kind of resembles flame that could have come from a fire breathing dragon?...hmmm has intriged me since i saw it a while back in someones blog. i don't remember them saying much about it, but the visual facinated me so much that i went on a mad hunt for it at every market. of course a few months ago it was out of season and my favorite produce guy at Gelson's told me not to purchase one if i found it 'cus it wouldn't be good. so i put that small obsession on hold for a few months. hate it when that happens...!


now i see them everywhere. this one is my first. this little piece o'fruit cost about 7-8 $ !!!

is it worth it?...hmmmm...yes. i have now tried DRAGON FRUIT.

visually, this fruit is amazzzzzing...texture?...i happen to love the texture. the little tiny seeds slightly crunch in your mouth, kind of like a many things you could do with it. the outside is kind of leathery and usually not in perfect shape, ie scares and such. (again, sorry no photo. i'll buy another and add the photo later.) i chose the white kind. i had no idea they came in white AND magenta or i would have bought both. can you imagine paying 20$ bucks for 2 pieces of fruit?

taste?...well, this is where i was kind of let down. not so much flavor from this beautiful, exotic wonder. i was expecting something fabulous. maybe i got a "lemon"...ha ha ha, so to speak. as i said, the texture is definitely fun so i'm still intrigued.

i chose to dice it with some sliced kiwi for starters.

sprinkle a little ARBOl CHILI. (this is my new favorite spicy spice. better than cayenne.) then drizzle a bit of maple syrup over for that yummy sweet=spicy conncoction. actually i suggest you try this on any fruit. it's a delicious combo.

will i buy this expen$ive , so called, DRAGON FRUIT again...?

yeah...i'm a sucker for the beautiful visual factor that this fruit definitely brings to the table...AND i'm hoping the next one has a bit more flavor. i'll bet if you could taste it fresh from the sorce (where ever that might be), it would be quite a bit different. i would love to know if any of you out there have tried one and loved...or hated it...because i'm still on the fence...of course you know i now have to go out and get that magenta one i saw at Brisol Farms...i'll let ya know...
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