Caucasian Curry

Caucasian Curry

LA FAIR FOOD...the savory side...YUMMM

this little excursion of mine was a fabulous and delicious introduction to Fair Foods. from the parking lot (quite a distance from the actual fair, i might add) you are immediatly summoned by the sweet smell of BBQ..BBQ anything and everything. i know first hand they've deep fried a Twinkie, but has anyone tried BBQing one yet..cuz lord knows they'll put anything in those big smokers...and it all good stuff.


i tried to tell myself that i wasn't gonna get any ribs, but who can resist?...i mean, your walkin' around through sweet smelling clouds of smokin' BBQ every turn you make. you try and avoid the temptation when all you see see are smiling faces at every stand with sauce running down there chins. you just want to jump right in...i had to. it was between the ribs, the brisket or the pulled pork sandwich. i chose the ribs. i'll say they were really finger lickin good. could've dealt with a little less sauce, but the meat was smokin' good.

the best popper i have ever had, or probably will ever have...untill next years fair, that is...
2..3 bites, at most, and you wish there was more. i would have bought a bushel if i thought they would travel well, but i think these are best eaten right on the spot. the salsa, or pico de gallo was excellent as well.


so obnoxious, so smokey, so BBQ-ey, so damn good!!!!!
this big ol' leg was almost single handedly (parden the pun) responsible for me driving all the way back, fighting the crowds for the last day of the fair. i couldn't stop talking about it and wishing i could get my hands on just one more...imagine this thing as big as my calf!...i had to bring this home, it was way too big and i had already eaten wayyyy toooo much, so i picked it up on the way out just out of pure curiosity. so glad i did. it was so big it wouldn't fit in my little travle cooler. i was so laughing to myself as i tried to zip it up and had this smokey bone sticking out the side.

this is what i would consider a short stack. some places had them piled high in those big drum smokers. the smokers there were as big as a studio apartment... i could move in...

just had to show the handle-end of leg. one could only feel a little caveman-ish, say Fred Flinstonian, while gnawing away with your hand wrapped around the end. i think it shows the smokey, BBQ bone madness of the stuation...i'm talking about the leg or ME !?

needless to say...i had a totally unexpected food-luvin' blast at the LA County Fair. i will definitly be there next year and will be up for going to any ol' fair if i spot one...or smell one...
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