Caucasian Curry

Caucasian Curry


give this expensive, exotic fruit a little cheap and cheerful southern kick in the pants...
a drizzle of maple syrup and a sprinkle of chili arbol will do the trick.

i wonder why this is called dragonfruit...i guess the outside (should have taken a picture of it whole) kind of resembles flame that could have come from a fire breathing dragon?...hmmm has intriged me since i saw it a while back in someones blog. i don't remember them saying much about it, but the visual facinated me so much that i went on a mad hunt for it at every market. of course a few months ago it was out of season and my favorite produce guy at Gelson's told me not to purchase one if i found it 'cus it wouldn't be good. so i put that small obsession on hold for a few months. hate it when that happens...!


now i see them everywhere. this one is my first. this little piece o'fruit cost about 7-8 $ !!!

is it worth it?...hmmmm...yes. i have now tried DRAGON FRUIT.

visually, this fruit is amazzzzzing...texture?...i happen to love the texture. the little tiny seeds slightly crunch in your mouth, kind of like a many things you could do with it. the outside is kind of leathery and usually not in perfect shape, ie scares and such. (again, sorry no photo. i'll buy another and add the photo later.) i chose the white kind. i had no idea they came in white AND magenta or i would have bought both. can you imagine paying 20$ bucks for 2 pieces of fruit?

taste?...well, this is where i was kind of let down. not so much flavor from this beautiful, exotic wonder. i was expecting something fabulous. maybe i got a "lemon"...ha ha ha, so to speak. as i said, the texture is definitely fun so i'm still intrigued.

i chose to dice it with some sliced kiwi for starters.

sprinkle a little ARBOl CHILI. (this is my new favorite spicy spice. better than cayenne.) then drizzle a bit of maple syrup over for that yummy sweet=spicy conncoction. actually i suggest you try this on any fruit. it's a delicious combo.

will i buy this expen$ive , so called, DRAGON FRUIT again...?

yeah...i'm a sucker for the beautiful visual factor that this fruit definitely brings to the table...AND i'm hoping the next one has a bit more flavor. i'll bet if you could taste it fresh from the sorce (where ever that might be), it would be quite a bit different. i would love to know if any of you out there have tried one and loved...or hated it...because i'm still on the fence...of course you know i now have to go out and get that magenta one i saw at Brisol Farms...i'll let ya know...
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