Caucasian Curry

Caucasian Curry me...!?

okay...let me just state for the fact...

lately, i'll admit, i've become a bit preoccupied with bacon. can't seem to get enough of it. i keep putting it in stuff or think about what i can add it to. i'd probably consider wearing eau de bacon if Kiehl's would come out with a new scent. stange, but i don't think my friends and taste testers are feeli' my obsession.

i think this idea started when i heard there was chocolate dipped bacon at the orange county fair. i was dying to go fight the traffic and parking JUST to try the darn bacon, but, alas, i couldn't get anyone to go with me so i thought i'd try my hand at it. of course, i had to one up the i came up with this...

i love that it accidently turned out looking like bacon


there's no real need for a recipe here. i mean, what you see is what you get. but i do have a few suggestions.

1st...start with good thick bacon. i like to trim some of the big chunks of fat off. (you know, like the ends sometimes have about an inch of plain fat). don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with bacon fat, but for this i like the meaty crispy parts.'s important to get your bacon good and crispy. i prefer the microwave method. it takes a while, but if tended to, it will come out nice and pretty with all the grease soaked up in the paper towels.
next, choose your favorite caramel recipe. i'm definitly a novice at this candy making so i have no pointers for this step. dip your bacon and let it cool and set on a silpat or buttered wax paper or what ever you recipe calls for.

now for the FUDGE...i have a new (new to me, but old school) quick recipe for chocolate fudge and i got it from the Eagle Brand recipe site for their fool proof chocolate fudge. i know there's all kinds of better fudge rcipes out there also known as fool proof (marshmallow cream is a good one), BUT THIS ONE IS NO FAIL !!! EASY and QUICK.
it kinda comes out like putty, so don't be alarmed AND don't try to continue melting it to ain't gonna happen...just make sure everything is incorperated. now would be a good time to add some HEAT...i forgot to add the red pepper flakes i wanted. a bit bummed about that but YOU try it. anyway...i lined my dish with foil instead of wax paper...i just find it easier to work with.
spread 1/2 the fudge in your dish. layer your caramel bacon down in pieces or chunks (whatever you have left....if you haven't eaten it all). press it down lightly so you think there will be no air between. then spead remainder of fudge. again making sure there's no air trapped. smooth out the top or make it however you want it to look, cuz, trust ain't gonna budge fudge...
okay...let's wrap this up...i don't know if my pieced together instructions help, but like i said...just try with this combo you'll love it.... however you put it together will be fabulous...
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