Caucasian Curry

Caucasian Curry


seen before...I KNOW !...but it was my 1st time solo with puff pastry (store bought, of course) and i know there are a few more dinosaurs out there who have yet to experience the wonder and amaze themselves with the instant gratification one can get from that small thin frozen box of ready-made dough.

i don't see a time where i would ever want to make pastry dough from scratch...WAIT...scratch that...i never thought i'd be making my own candy either !!!...

anyway, go out and buy a box and try some variations on the old tired fruit tart.
WAIT !...that didn't come out right, did it...!?

my 1st try started with seeing the strawberry black pepper tyme tart recipe that kevin found (Kevin's blog at closetcooking) and he in turn found it at the hungry mouse. both sites are great and i can always find something interesting and yummy. (check 'em out!).

so...use any variation(s) of fruit, being that we are still blessed with beautiful summer goods right now and play with spices and herbs and nuts. just follow these easy prep and cooking instructions . i decided i really liked the strawberry and thyme tart because i liked the fact that it had cardamom in it, and i hadn't worked with that either. come to find that in a regular market it's kinda expensive. i found a really good price at World Market (FYI) . now i've used cardamom quite a few times and love it.
also...these are best eaten same day, otherwise, of course, it tastes like a day old danish. anyway, they are so quick to whip up, why not have fresh all the time. keep some frozen pastry in the freezer at all times...i do now....
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