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chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

these are, what I believe to be, one of THE (top five) best chocolate chip cookies...EVER!

so my niece and nephews are in town and i wanted to make them a treat for the weekend. i knew with the classic chocolate chip cookie ya can't go wrong, BUT i wanted to make something a little less predictable...and besides everyone has their own view on "THE best chocolate chip cookie EVER !" and it can be a hit or miss situation if caught on a bad day...i thought about an oatmeal something, but for one Dad doesn't like oatmeal cookies and you never know with kids. then i got obsessed with the idea of chocolate chip WITH oatmeal...i googled and shmoogled 'till i found what i would now like to dub..."THE best chocolate chip cookie EVER !!!!!" one evn knew there was oatmeal in there, but it gives these puppies just that little extra something that make 'em far better than you typical CC cookie...of course, i would have liked to put some nice toasted pecans in, but don't like nuts. i made these for the first time last friday (84 in my batch) and they were GONE by monday. needless to say i will be making them again today or tomorrow and the pecans will go in. i might try some with peanut butter chips also.

anyway....i found this recipe here i would love to give some due credit, but i didn't see any names attached. definitely a BIG thanks to someone out there.

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