Caucasian Curry

Caucasian Curry

The Pig Head Experience...when OFFAL turns AWFUL

how much fun can you have with $ 3.62...???

let me explain...

i swear, i just went to the market to find some sweet basil seeds for a drink project i'm working on.  i took a left in the market and there it was...calling my name.  half a roasted pig's head with ears, nose and eyes intact.  the golden blistered skin, charred crispy ear, a whole hog was was right in front of me.  i couldn't pass it up.

"i'll take it, please."

"would you like that chopped up miss ?"

"NO, no...please wrap it carefully
AND don't break the ear !"


i'll try to keep this short...

who in their right mind would come home with 1/2 a roasted pig's head ?  ME

i was a little apprehensive, but so excited and giddy to show off my new purchase.  grinning from ear to ear, i quickly unveiled it in all it's glory.  EYES POPPED, laughter aplenty, but come to think of it...there really wasn't the expected shock considering the odd purchases i usually come home with.
the niece and nephews were in town so i had to be a little cautious.  we all decided it was best to keep the two youngest out of the hilarious loop and not ruin their vision of "Babe".  not just yet.

BUT...the rest of the family?...
we were in stitches.
crispy skin pig cheek...looks delicious, right?...(read on)

i had my fun shooting the head every which way while family members stopped by in disgust, awe and amazement.  after an hour or two i had to call it quits.  even I was getting a bit...hmmm...queasy?
i quickly broke down the head with my trusty cleaver while the two little ones were at the park, removed all the edible meaty parts, packed them up and stuck them in the back of the fridge...
just wait 'til tomorrow...
i'll have my own private little pig party.

i wrapped up the bones and threw them away.
i had enough of the pig head for a with it tomorrow.

within an hour i was horrified that i could be so wasteful...roasted bones?  why not make a delicious stock?...i removed the tightly wrapped bones from the bin and set forth on a delicious porky-good stock.
5 hours of cooking, simmering and reducing with onions, celery, carrots, oregano, cumin, etc....
mmm... taste test...

IT WAS AWFUL...super bitter !
it had to go down the sink. so sad...

i think this super charred side, the crispy ear and burnt snout were the culprit for the awful bitter stock.
this is the first stock i have ever had to toss. very very sad...

the next day i went straight for the crispy unctuous hog jowl.
i was so looking forward to this coveted bite.  i rewarmed and re-crisped it in the oven, watching the skin come back to "crispy perfection".  upon first slice i thought...i have to shoot looks too good to be true.  after a quick impromptu photo shoot,  i settled in for the jowl feast of a life time..
  yikes!  it was like rubber.   we're talking "gummy bear" inedible!
the skin was crispy and delicious, but the meat was like a rubber tire.  it needed to be cooked for another few hours.  i ate the skin and threw the rest out.
i was very sad.

although the pig head turned out to be so disappointing, it was every bit worth the $3.62.
would i buy another?...maybe for a party and it's shock value.

next time i will cook it myself...BUCKET LIST

so there's my PIG HEAD EXPERIENCE...

and i'll wrap it up with this...


think outside the box...

you might not get a meal out of it, but you'll surely have an unforgettable experience.
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