Caucasian Curry

Caucasian Curry

Dark Chocolate Goat Cheese Pink Peppercorn Truffles

sounds like an unlikely pair...


this is not your typical truffle...


it totally works.
i don't know what brought this combo to mind, but here's another  example of a bright idea that came to me in the middle of the night...
i get out of bed to google the ingredients in the dark and WHAM !

there it is, plain as day...


so i figured i'd give them a try anyway, but i had to change it up.
dried apricots?...nectarine preserves?...rosemary?

thanks to pal, Chef Lisa

perfect...quite delicious, out of the ordinary and i bet you've never had anything like it.

the chocolate hits first, then there's just a slight tang from the goat cheese.  the pink peppercorns really brighten it up with a spicy floral taste and aroma.  this might be a great addition to a first course?...who says all appetizers need to be savory?
served with after dinner cheese ?
i know you could find a great wine pairing.
oh...just eat them...

there's really no need to worry about what to do with them, 
they'll be gone before you figure it out.

NOTE...i will say again...
this truffle is NOT for "the pansy palate" Hershey's milk chocolate eaters.  these are for one who is a bit more adventurous with chocolate and also adores the sweet tang of a fresh goat cheese.


6 oz. bittersweet chocolate, chopped
6 oz. fresh goat cheese, at room temperature
1/4 cup powdered sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 cup cocoa powder
pink peppercorns, crushed... at least 1 tsp, but more will be needed for the pink skins

NOTE...about pink peppercorns...i did not get a final measurement because i kept adding a bit in.  i crushed about 1 tsp.  some of the corns were too big so i sifted them through a mesh strainer.  i added quite a it more of the pink skin than the pepper itself.  if you want more pepper flavor i suggest using a pepper mill and adding to i did.

in a double boiler, melt the chocolate until smooth, no lumps.  this can be done with careful attention in the microwave.  use short 30 second, then 20 second increments and stir in between until just melted...then stir to incorporate smaller lumps.
set the melted chocolate aside and deal with other ingredients.
in a bowl...i used my Kitchenaid, whisk together the goat cheese, sugar and vanilla until it is light and fluffy.  now whisk in the melted chocolate until it is well combined.  chill in the fridge.  original says to cover this, but you don't want to get ANY condensation on the chocolate.  chill until firm, about 1 hour or until ready to use.
when ready, put on some thin rubber gloves and start rolling.  i find it easy to spoon out a few clumps and mold it into a ball then roll it between your palms.  drop into cocoa powder and coat.

NOTE...since i used my Kitchenaid mixer for the job, my truffle mixture came out quite light.  had i gone any further i could have made a lovely frosting...not a bad idea for a lovely deep dark chocolate layered cake...?
my truffle mixture was quite stiff.  even at room temp.  so they DO HOLD UP WELL.  the texture is not as creamy as my regular truffles.  BUT...they do melt in your mouth with a very smooth texture.  a chocolatier friend of mine says it could be due to the texture of the goat cheese.
keep in mind this is unlike any other truffle,

BUT, as always...
it's a darn good ball o' chocolate !

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