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Dump Pound Cake

sorry i took so long to get a post out.
i have been so darn sick...
my caviar for New Years is still in the fridge and i never had my black eyed peas.  not to worry, i know i'll get to it.   i need all the luck i can get.

meanwhile, i could not stay out of the kitchen even sick as a dog...
come to think of sick can a dog get?...

so...i'll have a few tasty interesting things posted soon, but in the meantime i thought this "Dump" pound cake was pretty good. i think i'm a new fan of dump cakes...
dump everything in a mixer, let'er rip and start in a cold oven...
an absolute NO BRAINER...i think that's what we all need after the holiday baking extravaganza.
it's too easy not to give it a try and it's a simple recipe to have on hand for those unexpected visitors that expect homemade baked goods when they "pop by for the weekend".

pound cakes in general can be the perfect vehicle for so many treats.
for instance...

use it as french toast for Sunday brunch.

cut into lady fingers and make a quick fresh fruit Triffle.

how about a dessert panini with chocolate, peanut butter and bananas...or marshmallows.

cut into cubes and toast as you would croutons then layer in a parfait with vanilla cream and berries.

slice and saute with brown butter and serve warm with a cold scoop of ice cream and ooozing warm caramel sauce.

or...just a simple slice and a cuppa afternoon tea.
i think there should always be a pound cake in the freezer or a Dump Cake recipe in you repertoire.

many thanks to the submitter, Carol Pellegrinelli, but i wish i could also give some props to "Elaine"
thanks Elaine's where ever you are...

2 cups flour (i used 2 1/4 due to the comments on original)
1 1/2 cups sugar
1/2 pound butter (1 cup), softened
2 tsp baking powder
4 eggs, room temp.
1/2 cup milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
note...i added 1/3 tsp lemon and 1/3 tsp lavender extract
plus 1 rounded tsp lavender buds and a little lemon zest

put ingredients in bowl of stand mixer.  MIX FOR 20 MINUTES.  coat tube pan ( i used an Angel Food Cake pan) with vegetable spray.  put batter in pan and place in a COLD OVEN.  set oven to 350 F degrees and bake for 1 hour.  check with toothpick...i think mine could have used just a few more minutes.

by the way...this is one of many pound cakes i have tried recently and i was pretty pleased.  like i's just too easy not to try.  this one had the perfect texture and was nice and dense, not cakey...
i don't want cakey with something called a POUND CAKE !
one thing i might add is that it could use a little more flavor...i was a bit shy with the lemon and lavender...i think vanilla bean would add a nice touch if going for plain or add some mini chocolate chips?...


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