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Caucasian Curry

BBQ Frog Legs

let me just start by killing the myth that frog legs taste just like chicken.

i don't know where you get your chicken from , but...


they are, however, worth the challenge...if you're up for it. i've been wanting to get my hands on some of these ever since i went to the LA County Fair last year and had deep fried frog legs (as seen here). i read about the vendor in the LA Times and drove out there all by myself just to get some of these infamous legs..and deep fried no doubt! (of course i went for the chocolate covered bacon here for pics) it was worth the trip just to say i ate Frog Legs from Chicken Charlies at the LA County Fair. i know i'll go again this year for a second round. the BBQ aroma as you drive up is mesmerizing in's a little more from last year's excursion.

like i said...these are worth a try, but be ready to bring some flavor to the table. i found that they really don't have much flavor. if anything they tasted just a bit fishy? the chicken reference is true with the texture. the actual taste is like a bland fish...kind of nondiscript...kind of watery. mine were bought frozen (where on earth was i gonna find fresh legs besides the Back Bay) so that could have affected the flavor. i could almost liken it to Talapia that was frozen and not thawed/dried properly. so far doesn't sound too good...huh? don't get me wrong, i liked them, however, i will once again be eating them alone. not such a big hit at the dinner table with Big Al and Fancy P. Big Al used to catch them as kid in Michigan and eat them all the time so i thought he might get a kick out of these (pardon the pun), but i guess he's had his fill of frog legs for a life time and doesn't really want to see them again. oh well, i can't wait to try them again. i bought 2 packages and i think i might do the typical fried method next.

for my first go around i just wanted to throw them on the BBQ. i must admit, i knew i wanted to get a photo in so i went the easy route. i googled around and found all sorts of ways to cook these little legs, but i thought if everybody says they taste like chicken, well then, i'll treat them like chicken.

i chose the Hoisin Garlic glaze by "Soy Vay". if you haven't tried this particular sauce i suggest you get some. it's found in the Asian section. one of the favorites around here is pork tenderloin, sliced and marinated in a ziploc for a few hours then put on the grill...same thing with chicken or just brush a little on your salmon, swordfish or shrimp.

oh...the small pic to the right is one way to protect the little skinny calves and feet from getting too cooked. i read this suggestion and wrapped one, then quickly abandoned the idea after it felt like i might be getting too one on one with the know what i mean?...i have found that when cooking strange things such as ears, tails, trotters and the just don't want to get too too involved with the preparation. it becomes less of a meat and more of a question..."can i really be eating this?"

not such a great photo above, but just a reminder that they shouldn't be on direct heat for the full cooking time. i put them on direct heat to get some grill marks, then moved them to the foil untill i thought they were done. whoose to say when they are "done". since i'm just a tad inexperienced with the frog legs i had to's like chicken...right? i bet i could have left them on a bit longer. maybe it would have removed some of the moisture or watery texture i was talking about. next time if i BBQ them again, i think i'll use alot more glaze as well...maybe even marinade them first because like i said...they need some flavor.

below are just a few of many sites i found helpful...

where to find?...most likely you will find them in an Asian market. if you live in So. California i suggest to high tail it to a 99 Ranch Market near you. so much FUN!!! click HERE for locations in the Los Angeles area
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