Caucasian Curry

Caucasian Curry


as Paula Dean's husband calls it..
if you haven't tried oxtails, you're missing out. i was introduced to them when i was little by my fabulous grandma. as beautiful and reserved as she was, that never stopped her from gnawing on every bit of meat, sinew and cartilige she could get off those bones. needless to say, i was taught by the best. i really don't think i should ever eat these in public. these are home cookin' vittles anyway. doubtful you'll find these out anywhere. just fine with me. the slow cooking aroma throughout the house makes everything seem just right.
if you're feelin' up for it i'll tell ya, it's easy. cut some stuff up, put it in a pot and simmer just like you would a stew.
first timers don't be squimish...1st, trust your market and ask the butcher if they're fresh and maybe he'll pick them out for you. quite often they come packaged including a whole tail, big end to the tiny tip. these lil' nuggets shown above were a great example of some beautiful tail. bright red, white in the center and not surrounded by fat.

recipe ?...
well, like i said, it really IS just like making a good ol' stew. as a matter o' fact...just like your grandma used to make. this is the just one way of cooking them though. i think Paula Dean likes to throw them into a pyrex baking dish with some soy sauce and just a few other goodies. then cover them with tinfoil and in the oven they go for a while. hers come out finger lickin' good, of course, all sticky and tender. i have yet to try this method, but go ahead and google it, cuz i saw her make them on her show and they look fabulous.

oh,and i forgot to mention...the broth is wonderful and rich for soups and or gravies or what-not. just don't forget to let it cool after straining before putting in the fridge so that the fat will float to the top. then refridgerate and you'll be able to remove the fat easily before using again.

so...please give the ol' tail a try. it really is the most tender beef you'll be amazed
P.S. call me crazy, but i went to the Carniceria and came back with...
PIG'S FEET...1st time for everything
i'll keep ya posted. wish me luck.
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