Caucasian Curry

Caucasian Curry


these lil'pies are way too good. if you love crumbles and crisps, you'll love these. i don't know about you, but i'm the one that likes to eat most of the topping off leaving the rest of the guests with some crumbs and alot of sugary fruit. so shoot me! well, these are basically all crumble topping with a little fruit...YUM!

so i'm the first to admit i can get a little obsessed with something and just not let it go untill i've either run the idea into the ground OR found the perfect solution. stating this because i got a bit osessed with crumbles and crisps. we've been so lucky with all this beautiful fruit this summer and i couldn't help myself. well, on my search for the perfect recipe i came across this one. larissa called them mini cherry pies, but i gotta say, to me it's the perfect crumbly crisp combo. larissa's recipe is found here . many thanks to larissa for solving and ending my obsession...for now.

my only alteration was the filling. i had a few bing cherries and a handful of ranier cherries AND i happen to have a good ol' can of retro cherry pie filling in the pantry. so i improvised and used a bit of all three. i think the little spoonfull of pie filling really added a good "goo facter". actually kind of a good glue facter. they just might have been a bit too crumbly without it. who knows? you gould probably use a small spoonful of any flavor jam as well.

whatever you decide to put inside, these are fun and easy to make and would be great for a brunch party...hmmmm maybe dressed up with a bit of vanilla bean ice cream?...
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