Caucasian Curry

Caucasian Curry


i think i'm into broths right now and this one is a winner...


they're ugly, no kidding...but dangerously delicious.

these three HOCKS were beauties. i didn't realize 'till later, and a bit more ham hock experienced, that i could have just used one. besides the fact that each one of these are huge, these were smoked so well that each one packed quite a smokey punch. so use what you think is right. i'm glad i used all three because the meat it ever so tasty. many possibilities.
how about using this for your next butternut squash soup?...a white bean puree?...just this liquidy gold to cook your rice... or couscous?...geez, just blanch your veggies in it...yummm!
for this first little smokey broth soup i decided to go simple. i boiled some skinned boned chicken breasts in the broth and added the white beans and arbol chilies...that's it. it was so clean and simple tasting, but with the depth of a complex broth...complex?...nope.

here's what i did...LIQUID BACON BROTH...easy peezy

get yourself some smoked ham hocks. 1, 2 or 3 will do (freeze one for later if you want to have one ready on hand...and you will!). ask the butcher if you don't see them out front.

1 large onion cut into 4 or 6

4-7 cloves peeled crushed garlic

5-6 dried arbol chilis (optional)

place everything in a large pot with enough water to cover everything.

bring to a boil, then turn down to a simmer. simmer for a few hours until hocks are tender and skin and meat are just about falling off the bone. remove from pot and set aside until cool to the touch. while you're waiting, strain liquid. i like to use cheese cloth or paper towel. it really makes the broth much more clear and grabs some of the fat as well. let your broth cool on the counter for a bit, then stick it in the fridge for a few hours. the fat will rise and be easy to remove. you probably already know all this, but this is a great way to really get rid of the fat. if you're not concerned about the fat you can skip all this and save a few hours...get right to business.

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