Caucasian Curry

Caucasian Curry

oat crisps with sesame/almond and p-nut variations

SESAME-ALMOND-OAT we're talkin'

i'm soooo glad i found these. many thanks to pghtasted!!! the original recipe uses just oats, but i think you could make many variations, but as a good cook, i tried to original recipe first. they really are perfect as is. BUT i always have to put on the "lab coat", as i call it, and try new stuff.

ok, i admit...
my first batch i added just 1/4c. peanuts. i think it could handle more. my next batch was toasted almond slivers and toasted sesame seeds. these hit the spot! i'm thinkin' these are relatively healthy, so i'm trying not to have too much guilt gobbling them down...they have a killer crunch effect, like a lace cookie.
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