Caucasian Curry

Caucasian Curry

Shichimi Togarashi Truffles with Toasted Sesame Seeds and Soy Sauce

the dark chocolate sushi experience...


NO, there is not fish involved.
i haven't gone totally off the deep end.

BUT... you won't believe these truffles...

spicy, sesame, soy with dark citrus chocolate?!


i think i might have come up with something quite interesting this time.  it's like a patron participation interactive truffle experience.

the soy and toasted sesame hit the palate first, then the smooth dark chocolate takes over , but wait...then a slightly citrus warm spice hits you and you find yourself going in for the "double soy dip"...and a little crystallized ginger nibble to polish it off.


what can i say...i get these hair brained ideas and hope that no one else has done something like it.  i always say...there are no "new ideas", least, if i google the concoction it doesn't show up plastered all over the front page.

a word about SHICHIMI TOGARASHI...also know as "Japanese 7 Spice".  ingredients consist of sesame seeds, orange peel, poppy seeds, paprika, Chinese chiles, Szechwan pepper, ginger and nori.  it's is a delicious spicy blend that goes with just about anything....i found mine at Savory Spice Shop, a fabulous place here in Newport.  i make such an odd variety of things it's nice to know this shop will have it fresh and they sell an ounce, a bag, a jar...whatever you need.


250g (1 large bar) Valrhona 61% dark chocolate
3/4 cup full fat canned coconut milk. (heavy cream works as well)
1/2 inch ginger cut into 4 slices
zest from 1/2 large orange
1 to 1 1/2 tsp Shichimi Togarashi spice
toasted sesame seeds for rolling
soy sauce for dipping
crystallized ginger for decor

chop the chocolate into small large chunks.  set aside in medium glass bowl.  in a small sauce pan add the coconut milk (or heavy cream) and sliced fresh ginger.  bring to an almost boil...just bubbling around the sides.  let simmer for a few moments to infuse the ginger flavor.  pour coconut milk through strainer over chocolate and let sit for a few minutes to begin the melting.  begin stirring from the middle and you will see the ganache start to come together.  add orange zest and shichimi togarashi spices and stir to incorporate.  TASTE TEST...can you taste your spice?...zest?  you don't want any flavor to over power the next.  it should be subtle...don't over do it.  let come to room temp and refrigerate until set.

NOTE...sometimes these take a little extra care.  i have had a few instances with my ganache "breaking" when using coconut milk and Valrhona chocolate.  "breaking" can mean an oily looking surface and or a grainy texture.  there are many ways to fix this and some are too involved.  i have tried them and it's messy.  here's what works for me.  if this happens i reheat the ganache over a double boiler until it is back to liquid and stirable.  take it off the heat and hand whisk...not too too vigorous or you will end up with frosting, but enough to bring it together.  i liken it to RE-emulsifying the mixture.  let sit on the counter and check it in a while.  if it is still separating, give it another stir.  refrigerate until set.

remove from fridge.  let it sit if necessary until you can get a spoonful out.  it's best to work with it chilled.  using thin rubber gloves form balls.  roll in sesame seeds after each ball is formed.  press seeds into bare spots.  mine are approx. 16-18 grams each.  this creates a "two-bite-truffle"...which works well for the double soy dipping.
enjoy the full experience with soy sauce and crystallized ginger.

for a variety i used toasted white sesame seeds, plain and some rolled in shichimi togarasi and black toasted sesame seeds.  keep a watchful eye when toasting seeds.

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