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Mean Green Collard Terrine


i love terrines...i think they can be a work of art.

just about anything can be made into a terrine.  usually you find the good ones in specialty stores or just see them out for special occasions, but once you have made one yourself, i'm sure you'll enjoy a nice beautiful terrine more often.  sometimes i'll have one in the fridge to nosh on through the week.  a little slice can turn an uneventful weekday into at least something a little know what i'm talking about...add a little fancy into your diet and everything looks better.

 first, start with an idea of which type you or cold, meat or veggie, egg base or aspic...
one of my first terrines was a Pate de Campagne (found here)...for my meat loving friends i suggest you try this one...DELICIOUS!
but...for the veggie lovers the green terrine was a hit..(i DID slip that little layer if ham in).  as i look back i think i bit off a little more than i could chew with this "veggie terrine idea"...i had this visual of a fabulous layered  terrine one day so i went out and bought loads of greens, came home to realize the idea would be a little more effort than expected.  being the perfectionist that i think i am,  i had the bright idea that if i blanched and shocked EACH LEAF it might retain the beautiful green color rather than that semi grey color collards can get when cooked...out came the pots and the bowls and the ice and the paper towels.  after washing each leaf i have to touch and coddle each leaf again?! and my "bright ideas"
this was definitely a hands on, made with love terrine...more like a work of art rather than a simple dish of collard greens.



there really isn't much of a recipe...more like instructions of how to.
if you really have some questions about this terrine please leave a comment and i'll help out.  otherwise here is my attempt at writing out the recipe for this particular terrine...every terrine will come out different and mid way through the building you might want to add a different layer.  i happen to have some sliced ham in the fridge so i slipped a few slices in.  i recommend something with a little more flavor...maybe a little prosciutto or black forest ham.  i find that you need to slightly over season terrines because they just soak it up...choose your ingredients wisely and definitely season as you go along.

2 bunches of collard greens...washed very well, tough middle stalk removed
7 - 10 large asparagus
1 bunch of haricots verts
sliced meat of your choice...prosciutto would be nice
1 - 2 cups good stock made from pig's trotters or chicken feet...something that will be very gelatinous

make your stock...i always keep some rich hearty stock in my fridge.  it has to be made from trotters or tails or chicken feet..(something that creates a gelatinous broth when chilled). not only will this give the terrine some good "glue", but it will have more flavor than using a gelatin or aspic base.
blanch and shock each vegetable separately...this will keep the nice deep green color.
if using a collard layer...keep your greens flat for easier layering and nicer presentation.
next i lined the glass loaf dish with a layer of collard leaves.  let them hang over the sides as you build the inside of the terrine.
now you just start layering...make thick enough layers so you can tell what it is, but just do whatever you want with the vegetables you have chosen.  i happen to have some ham in the fridge so i threw a layer of that in...i think it should have been something else, but it worked.

once you're done with the inside, pour a little broth over the top.  then take the over-hanging leaves and cover the top.  lightly press down to compact everything...there might be some over-spill of broth, so be ready for that...
cut a piece of parchment to cover the top and then cover with foil.
bake in 350 oven for 30 minutes
IMPORTANT NOTE...i used a bain marie,so the outside wouldn't get browned.
preheat your oven and your bain marie vessel of choice.  make sure your water is hot going into the bath.
NOTE...the timing depends on how much you have packed in there, how much liquid, how done you like your veggies and so on and so on...i think mine was 30-40 minutes.  i looked for little bubbles boiling on the sides of the glass dish and took it out.
let this cool to room temp and refrigerate.

to remove you'll need to run a flat thin blade around the edges...or dunk in some hot water to loosen.

slice and serve at room temp or slightly warmed as a side.  i bet a nice poached egg would really be delicious with this and some crumble prosciutto over top

thanks for making it to the end and, again...please leave a comment with any questions

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