Caucasian Curry

Caucasian Curry


another one of my new cold weather favorites...easy and so satisfying.  nothing real gourmet about this one, just good old breakfast ingredients presented in a different way...makes breakfast more fun and feels a little gourmet-ish.  this would be great to throw together for a casual brunch because it's so easy to prepare and it stays quite warm.  this one held up well even after the photo shoot.


your favorite OATMEAL.  cooked. enough for the servings you are making
BACON.  cooked.  enough for garnish...adds a great crunch.  i always have some cooked bacon in the fridge.  what can i say...I LOVE BACON.  check out this BACON CANDY recipe here for a tasty sweet, savory, spicy treat.  can be pre-made and crisped up in the oven.

* see notes and excuses at the bottom

fill your serving vessels with the cooked oatmeal (a little butter inside doesn't hurt)  ramekins would work well.  i used this cute little retro cast iron dish that held the heat for quite some time, but anything at least an 1 1/2 inch deep will do.
make a little well for the egg and crack it right in. 
bake in a preheated oven at 370 degrees for approx 15-20 mins.  your cooking time depends on the temp of your cooked oatmeal (your oatmeal should be warm), the type of dish, and how you like your egg. i know everybody likes their eggs different so just keep checking the middle 'till it is to your liking.  i turned the top heating element (not broiler) on for the last five mins.  remember it will keep cooking a little bit after you take it out, so if your not serving right away take that into consideration.
NOTE...i just recooked this and i had the oven on convection 370 degrees for 15 min. and not much was happening except the oatmeal was baking.  then i turned the top element on for about 7 min. that's when the eggs started to cook.  i think the dish and the type of oatmeal really affects the time, so just keep your eye on the prize.  if you've never baked an egg before (i hadn't), i suggest doing a trial run as i did.
while they're in the oven crisp up your bacon get it ready.  you don't want to be waiting on bacon when your eggs are just perfect.  if your not into bacon or don't want to fuss with it some toasted pecans or almonds would be just need something that will add a little crunch and texture.

* i know i didn't give you an exact recipe, but i hope you get the idea...the idea is delicious, but my instructions are pretty lacking.  actually, my instructions suck !  sorry about that.  i even tried to do a retest so i could get the timing right, but there are too many little factors.  the first time i just threw it together and thought it was so delicious and tasty...the second go around, i was trying to be too precise.

long story short.....use the idea and flavor combo...not the instructions...and you'll have a delicious breakfast as i just did....maybe it's all about the candied bacon...hmmmmm...

KNOW it's all about the candied bacon!

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