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Pineapple Ginger Ale Cupcakes

soooooooo easy, low fat, waist friendly, and quite delicious. i can't believe i haven't run across this recipe before. i'm always on the war path for things that aren't full sugar-full fat and these fit the bill. so easy and fast, i've already made them 2x's and i would have some in the oven right now, but BIG AL is baking a Pineapple Upside Down Cake...i don't know...all the sudden he felt like making his own cake...uh oh...could that be a subtle hint?...good?..or bad? i must admit, i haven't been baking much lately...i'm more into savory right now. the poor guy used to get a new fancy dessert every night. now sometimes he gets ice cream cookies. trust me...i feel the shame. i have to get my baking boots back on. this was a simple start.

a great find..besides being one of those "this-isn't-gonna-work" recipes, it's fun to make and it's kid friendly...did i mention it's fairly waist friendly as well? low fat with no added oil and egg whites only. so fast to whip up and, like i said, a no-brainer.

i know it's from a box, BUT the fun is in the flavor combos. so far i've made these Pineapple Ginger Ale Cupcakes topped with crystallized ginger, freeze dried pineapple and a classic vanilla butter cream frosting. also, not shown, was a butter cake and diet cream soda with toasted pecans...a little maple glaze might have been great, but i was keeping it a little lo-cal for my pals.

i think the recipe came from Weight Watchers, but i found this one at

1 box cake mix...i chose pineapple cake mix
10 oz. diet soda...ginger ale was a great choice
2 lg. egg whites...slightly beaten
1/2 cup toasted nuts or dried fruit or coconut etc.......optional
frosting and toppings optional...great on thier own.

preheat oven according to mix
prepare cupcake tin or 9x13 pan (lightly spray or oil). i don't think cupcake papers will work well with this...use a tin or silicon cups.
blend all ingredients well-no lumps
bake according to box-mix or when tooth pick comes out clean
let cool completely before topping.

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