Caucasian Curry

Caucasian Curry

Chicken in Red Chili Sauce w/MAIZ MORADO (purple hominy)

this recipe is super delicious and really easy once you have your red sauce made up. i really suggest you make your own red sauce. you won't settle for anything else once you've tried it. i've tried a few and came up with a fairly easy one. it just takes a little extra time and it's a bit messy(just the straining part and the fact that it can stain things)...once you have your red sauce the sky's the limit with what you might use it for. i end up putting it on or in everything.

the purple Indian corn was amazing. just like your regular hominy, but i found it a bit more...hmmm...a bit more dense?...a bit more like a bean?...maybe just a bit more fun because it was different. i found this at my favorite Mexican market, NORTHGATE in Santa Ana. find them and try them is what i say to you...


i use this recipe from Dona Martha i found while researching Chili Colorado

i didn't copy it for you because this site explains it so well and her info is there if you have questions for her. i want more recipes from Dona Martha.

my notes about the RED SAUCE...

i have used dried New Mexico Chilies, Pasilla Chilies and Guallio Chilies. depends on what i can get my hands on. i always add a few Chilies de Arbol as well.

i use an immersion blender, due to the fact i don't have a reg. blender and it works really well.

a few thing i like to add while chilies are simmering....

CUMIN...i like to add about 1/2 tsp.

GARLIC decide

BLACK PEPPER...grind some in there

DRIED OREGANO...i like to add 1/2-1 tsp...just cuz...

HONEY?...yeah...i got a little Bobby Flay with it one worked

also, it states that Dona does not strain the sauce...the 1st time i made Red Sauce i didn't strain it. it turned out great, but the 2nd time i strained it and it was soooo much better. so i suggest'll be surprised even after all the purree-ing how much chili skin will strain out. take your time and press it through the strainer slowly, because it's already kinda thick.

now....let it sit for a few hours, then get back in there and taste it. you'll find that you have created a nice thick slightly spicy sauce that can really be used on and in anything...veggies, fish, chicken, pork, beef...tamales, enchiladas, tacos......



store bought roasted chicken. shred into bite size pieces. i used almost a whole chicken depends, of course on how many you're serving and how much yummy left-overs you want. it just gets better and better.

1 large onion diced and slightly sauteed

1 can plum tomatoes cut into large pieces (drained and squeezed)

1 1/2 c. - 2 c. purple Indian corn (of course you can substitute hominy)

put all the above in a med. sauce pan.

to this i add enough red sauce to coat everything plus a bit more in case the inevitable reduction. bring this to a nice simmer...not a boil...just heat it through and let it sit. let all the flavors meld. when ready to serve bring out the fresh tortillas, cilantro, avocado and salsas etc....

well, i think that's it...i really should write these things down as i'm cooking, but one doesn't think of it at the does one...?!
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