Caucasian Curry

Caucasian Curry



well, i must say...this cake is a looker. the outer crust two-tone look leads one to believe the inside will be just as exciting, but..alas. as you can see in the photo above, not so much. i mean, the light had to be just right in order to get a glimps of the marbling. i was surprised to even see it in the photo, because it's hard to see with the naked the way...naked eye...???...where did that ever come from? is your eye ever not naked ??... i was under the impression there would be two distinct flavors goin' on here. don't get me wrong..the cake IS fabulous, just not quite what i expected.

what's nice about this cake is that it's dense, therefore will serve alot of people. i'll bet you could get 24 nice slices, maybe more. the outside, as i mentioned has a shell-like crust so it can take a thinner slice. the inside is pretty dense. myself ?...i prefer a dense cake over light and airy. i like a cake with a little heft.

so, on with the here for just this recipe
i found it at
Sing For Your Supper...great things here on this blog. i won't cut and paste the recipe because you should just go ahead and check out her blog...i think i'll be making the chili next.
this cake is pretty cool looking just on it's own and suits a breakfast bread this way...BUT you could definitely dress it up with a maple glaze or a butterscotch glaze or a whatever know how i feel about the drippage!
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