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Caucasian Curry

JIGGLERS...still-art...still fun

one must not forget about jigglers. jigglers are a beautiful thing. jigglers are warriors in the challenge of the ever evolving culinary world. jigglers must not be forgotten...

its your call...color, flavor and texture. your canvass in blank and the possibilities are endless.
come to think of it, i have yet to make a spicy jiggler
a lavender infused jiggler
i have not tried to apply the "bacon makes everything better" theory...

of course you can get as creative as you want but, for instance,
even plain ol' lemon is surprisingly good. i think you could even stun your dinner guests with a fabulous retro throwback and serve them a little jiggler for a between course palette cleanser.
or how about an amuse bouche?

i know it's sounds like i've lost my mind, and your thinking " big deal, can't ya come up with something original?...
well, i'm not here to write about some wacky new way to cook jello. (hey, i wonder if any of those culinary artiste's at the fair have tried deep frying jello?)...i'm just simply out here doin' my part to bring back to you the wonderful world of JELLO, one jiggler at a time.

jiggler's are now a required staple in my house. i've seen many desserts come and go through that kitchen, but when it comes to jigglers there had better be a fresh batch, and it better not be the same flavor twice in a row...heads WILL roll. i've even witnessed a near throwdown over the last square.
well... that might be stretching the truth a bit, but i'll bet it could happen..

so, i implore you...any and ALL of you..from novice home cook to executive chef open a few boxes of your favorite flavor
add a little boiling water
add a little cold water...
sit back and wait...
part of the beauty of the jiggler is the forthought and anticipation, but don't get too anxious...a good jiggler is not real jiggler before it's set.
for the jiggler beginner...
when making your first batch, just use 1/2 the water the box calls for and prepare as instructed. from there go wild...mix and match, add flavors, layer them, use your old cookie cutters, add fresh fruit... oh ...
did i forget to mention that jigglers are age indifferent?
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