Caucasian Curry

Caucasian Curry


my first try at making friands...
yeah...that's me...just makin' friends with friands.
okay..i'll stop there. you just know there's all kinds of lame puns at the tip of my tongue. sometimes i just have to stop myself 'cuz i'm the only one laughing...hmmmm... it's a good thing i cook alone. (well, i DO catch Ruby with a smirk every now and then).

to the unawares out there, this might look like your ordinary mini pound cake...
au contraire mon cheri...
this is just about the tastiest little cake i have had in a loooonnng time...maybe EVER !
i think it was the name and the cute factor that caught my eye first. they are quite versatile, in that the flavor can go all different directions and the cooking vessel seems to change to what ever is on hand (however, there is an actual financier shape mold). i used mini loaf tins, but you can use muffin tins, madeleine molds or anything small and cute would work. just watch your cooking time.

i found a bunch of different recipes for these little babies, but i decided on the one i found HERE .
after one bite and the look on my co-taste-tester's face...i know i'll be making these alot. i just can't decide what flavor accent to bring to the table. it was suggested that i just go plain or au natural and i might just do that. i noticed the blueberries were just a slight add-on, but totally not necessary. the texture alone is overwhelming, let alone the just perfect sweetness with the almond flaire. i even get a bit tongue tied describing these...

anyway...these are a MUST TRY!
you can go with the recipe i found here
or google around like i originally did. this recipe seemed easiest. i didn't change a thing and they came out GREAT!
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