Caucasian Curry

Caucasian Curry


apple cake?...not tart?...not so much...layered apple goodness?...exactly!

can make for a nice impressive presentation, BUT i would recommend cutting it out of spectaters view...although if you had a nicely sharpened knife (i don't...on the list of things to-do) it might cut just fine. it's knid of a rustic looking thing anyways, so who cares what your slice looks like when it's goin' down.

the sides are beautiful and cakey looking. i think the scallopped tart dish is the best way to go. i was going to try this in a spring form, but glad i opted for the pretty one.

layers and layes of yummy golden delicious apples. this looks like it could double for a potato gratin.

as seen in the photo, i thought it would be more cake-like..., but it really was more...hmmmm....clafouti-ish inside.

end results ???...
i might try this again...i might try cooking it a bit longer...i might try a little less apples and maybe chunkier slices to allow the batter more room to cake-up...hmmmm more thoughts later...
many thnaks to fellow foodie IRENE for this recipe
found here...

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