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fake lemon pound cake

looks like a pound cake...but if that's what you're shootin' for, this one is definitly a fake. i had to try it, but it didn't fill that dreamy pound cake flavor i was hankering for...

i don't think real pound cake is supposed to cut like this. it was light on top and dene towards the bottom, but you can see how moist it turned out. also, it was kinda sticky. i don't know how else to discribe it.

this actually turned out OKAY...i'd probably do it again, although, i am definitly becoming an ALL FROM SCRATCH OR NOTHIN' type of baker. i did however save on a few calories and fat..and time. come to think of it...i might do it again, BUT not call it a pound cake...maybe try it as a layerd cake and just call it an extra moist box cake.

yes....this did start from a box, and you can definitely taste the box cake mix flavor...bummer about that, but what would one expect.
i'll be back with the recipe...
here ya go if your interested in doctoring up a box cake
preheat to 350
spray oil 10" bundt pan or 2 cake pans or a pound cake OR....cupcakes might be nice
1 box yellow cake mix
8 oz low fat cream cheese (i used fat free)
2 eggs (i used eggbeaters with yolk)
1 1/3 c. water
1 1/2 tsp vanilla
lemon zest to your taste (and/or coulda used some lemon extract probably)
mix everything
pour into prepared vessel...PAN
approx 40 min in oven
toothpick test works fine, but will stick a bit.
that's it...easy as pie....well...cake....whatever.....
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