Caucasian Curry

Caucasian Curry

SPINACH PIE...original by Nigella

this in one tastey savory pie folks!
behold, my version of "inmylife-paola"'s version of Nigella's SPINACH PIE. i have not yet seen the original recipe, so i don't know how far off i went, but this one turned out fabulous. what i really liked was the amount of spinach and how it's flavor shined through. spinach is so often lost and kind of incedental, used for it's vibrant color alone, but here you have a spinach pie that even popeye would apreciate.

it's amazing with the small amount of bulgar how it really came through...not only in flavor and texture, but visually as well.

really i think the only thing i changed was the vessel i decided to go with and the given dough recipe. my pastry chef...yes, i have my own pastry chef...makes, as you can see, ...the ultimate crust. all secret pastry chef is MOM!...i will challenge her crust to anyone out's perfect and flakey every time. anyway..i would definitely recommend this pie. it reheats very well and i think can be very versital. i will try some variations soon, maybe evn something with meat or bacon, ground lamb?...hmmmm

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