Caucasian Curry

Caucasian Curry

The "Billionaire Burger", Foie Gras, Francois Payard and The Cosmopolitan

from Holstein's at THE COSMOPOLITAN

Kobe beef, a healthy slab O' FOIS GRAS sliding off gruyere cheese and onion marmalade.
oh...did i mention the TRUFFLE mayonnaise ?...


a side of FOIE GRAS

from  STK, at the Cosmopolitan
i suggest you get a side of FOIE GRAS on anything you order...
and get one TO-GO ! i did

it's illegal in California so i had it EVERY DAY...

i ordered the 7oz filet medallion...beautiful, like "butta"
with a side of foie gras, of course, and asparagus with orange-jalapeno sauce.
too bad i didn't have room for the soy glazed pork belly, the apple glazed kurobuta double pork chop or the foie & waffles.
next time...

absolute chocolate heaven
definitely worth a trip over to Caesar's Palace
YES, it was as good as it looks

Payard's Flourless Chocolate Cookie
 crunchy meringue on the outside with chewy dark chocolate walnut brownie inside.
i have made these many times (recipe HERE with a 2nd version HERE), but nothing was like having the real thing.  i must admit...mine are not  THIS good.

no...just another adventurous day in Vegas

HOLSTEIN' of ONE please...

my "solo" GET-AWAY
clean, crisp, modern chic, comfortable, surprisingly quiet, spectacular AND DELICIOUS !
i lucked out with some help from fabulous people and got a huge room with 2 plasmas, a kitchenette, Asian style bath and private balcony...
the Asian style bath was an absolute treat after a long day of walking and shopping
the Bellagio fountain show right outside my balcony
beautiful spa and fitness rooms...
a must after all the indulgent food adventures.

and finally, remember that "To-Go" side O' FOIE GRAS ?...
my farewell Sunday brunch...1/2 kobe burger (i couldn't possibly eat the whole thing), butter lettuce and popcorn.  i'll take these "left-overs" any day.
popcorn on a burger, yum...who knew?

AND the other 1/2 of that chocolate treat.
not a great photo, but you can see the oozing deliciousness on the inside.  YUM!

just ONE more day, just one more burger, one more trip to Payard's
AND... another side of foie.  please's another shot of that burger and perfectly seared plump foie gras !
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