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Mom's Banana Cream Pie


homemade crust...always,

BUT the filling comes in a BOX
and the whipped topping comes in a CAN

no need to slave over "made-from-scratch" filling and fresh whipped cream..the pie will be gone before anyone is stupid enough to question your recipe,

simple, understated, always a favorite and it's pure comfort food.


one 9" inch pie crust...pre baked
homemade is best, but store bought will do in a pinch. i a pinch!
1 large box vanilla pudding mix (8 serv. box).  NOT the instant mix
1 3/4 cups milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 ripe bananas...more or less for decoration
whipped cream for topping

mom is the pie crust chef around here.  she has never written down the actual recipe, but she uses a blend of unsalted butter with a little butter flavored Crisco as opposed to one OR the other or lard.  she uses the food processor to make the dough, wraps it in saran and stores it in the freezer for an impromptu pie bake.
to pre bake the shell we used Alton Brown's method...(click on the link for his full pie crust recipe.)      

when your dough is ready...form the dough in the pie plate and crimp the edges as you would for an apple pie.  cut a piece of parchment a bit bigger than the pie and place that on the uncooked shell.  fill with beans.  put the whole thing in the freezer for about 10 minutes just before you are going to bake.  then bake at 400F convection (425F regular oven) for 10 minutes.  remove the parchment and beans and cook 10-15 minutes longer or until golden brown.  let cool completely.

make pudding according to box, BUT only use 1 3/4 cups whole milk and add a 1 tsp of vanilla.  let this cool just a little bit.
cut banana circles and place them to cover the bottom of cooled pie shell.  pour pudding  evenly over bananas.  give it a "shimmy shimmy" to even it out.  cover with saran wrap touching the pudding and put in fridge to set.
you might choose to decorate the top with more bananas, but it is harder to get a "clean cut"...maybe just around the edge is best.  it is best to put extra bananas on just before serving or they will turn brown.  serve with whipped cream.
go a can and keep it in the back of the fridge.

they's all about the crust.  that's why store bought doesn't cut it in this house.  luckily i have an expert to call on when a good pie is necessary.  take the time to make a few "dough-discs" and throw them in the freezer.  pull one out the night before and thaw in the fridge should be ready to roll the next day.

sometimes imperfections are the best sign of "homemade"

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