Caucasian Curry

Caucasian Curry

Agua de Tamarindo


something a bit more festive than boring sodas, sparkling waters and whatever juice is available for a mixer.

this is a fun unique beverage for the NON DRINKERS.

quite often...i say, "QUITE OFTEN !"

 the non drinkers feel left out of the fun while everybody else is making their fabulous fruity "cocktails", laughing and mixing at the bar,

but HEY...we like to have our "party drink" too ! 

please don't ignore the thirst of
the most important person at the party...


i first came across tamarind when i went to Mexico a few years ago and picked them right off the tree.  i was a little skeptical of the ugly looking pod with the sticky gooey pulp, but i was told everyone eats it.  i loved it...i was eating them like candy.  they are very tart, similar to those sour dip sticks i remember as a kid.

BUT WAIT THERE'S A's healthy.
not only will it help digest that HUGE BBQ throw down, but...

it's filled with vitamins, minerals and fiber and has been used for many ailments including sore throats and high blood pressure.  it is used for many digestive ailments AND it can lower cholesterol.  find more information HERE at Health and Wellness and HERE at Nutrition and


8-10 tamarind pods
4 cups drinking water
squeeze of lime juice
sweetener of choice...i used 3 packets Truvia

peel hard outer skin off the pods and remove the stringy part (seen in photo).  bring water to a boil and turn off heat.  put cleaned tamarind into hot water and let steep for 1 - 2 hours.  with your hands, remove the seeds by squishing the tamarind meat through your fingers.  this is a gushy job.  when all seeds are removed put tamarind/water mixture in a blender for a little wiz.  strain into pitcher, sweeten to your liking, i like to add a pinch of salt and chill before serving.
NOTE...tamarind pods can vary in sweetness and tartness so use more or less sugar (or substitute) as you see fit.

serve with some additions for the party guest...
a fresh squeeze of lime-lemon, fresh pinapple or a split vanilla bean?

a dash of Tapatio
a pinch of CAYENNE

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