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The Banana Pancake Experiment

Banana Oat Protein Pancake

i have temporarily lifted my ban on the BANANA.

i was so fascinated by this wacky recipe below that i had to put my negative feelings aside and brave "the banana".

Wacky Banana Pancake

you might have come across this strange pancake recipe on PINTEREST

(or..."100% Natural Pancakes")
found on Pinterest by Bogilates

1 ripe banana and 2 eggs, a dash of cinnamon and a splash of vanilla.
"blend" (or mash and mix) it up and prepare as you would regular pancakes...HUH ?!
the recipe called for a RIPE banana so i even waited a few days for the banana to get good and ripe...EWE!  only after making them did i decide to watch the U-Tube video of "Blogilates" making the pancakes.  her banana was just a regular yellow banana.  not all spotted like my "ripe" banana...maybe that's why these seemed so soggy and flat?... was my banana too ripe?  was my banana too small?  i'll never know because i don't think i'll try these again...well, maybe i'll give it one more shot to be fair.
i'm no quitter. 
don't be discouraged by MY experience...these were OK right off the pan, but were a bit soggy and just tasted like an egg crepe with wet banana...not so appealing.

might be great for the kids to try...
HEALTHY, gluten and dairy free...
BUT definitely not your delicious fluffy pancakes.

nutrition facts (approx.)
per cake, 7 in batch
calories...35.5g,   protein...1.9g,  carbs...4g,  fat...1.5g,  fiber...1/2g 

here's the one i came up with that was pretty darn good...healthy, still gluten and dairy free, low fat and carb, yet very satisfying with a little maple syrup and fresh berries...sorry no sliced banana for me.

make approx. six 3 1/2 inch pancakes

1 banana
2 large eggs
1/4 cup raw oats
1/3 scoop protein powder.  i use Jay Robb Vanilla Whey
1/2-3/4 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
2 Tbsp sweetener of choice...i used Stevia "cup for cup"
...or to taste

put all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth and oats are not as visible.
let rest for 20-25 minutes to let the oats soak in.
prepare as you would regular pancakes.  3-4 inch cakes

nutrition facts (approx.)
each pancake (6)
60 calories,   4g...PROTEIN.  7g...carbs  1.8g...fat, 1g...fiber

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