Caucasian Curry

Caucasian Curry

Trotter Terrrine with Roasted Chicken

not your basic head cheese, but visually something very similar.  

maybe it's just the fact that it's meat held together by gelatinous broth..or maybe it's just that i used pig parts that are out of the norm,  but this was far more palatable than the sliced head cheese you've been afraid of since childhood AND a little more pleasing than snout, tongue  and jowls...
quite tasty i must say.  of course, i did run out and buy me some REAL head cheese.  not bad, but i wanted something a little more friendly...AND i didn't want to mess with all those various head parts.  i wanted easy...i wanted to enjoy the whole thing...lord knows no one else was going to have any...
what a bunch of pansy palates!

(above is store bought head cheese...not so scary at all)


recipe?...there really isn't much of a recipe to convey, BUT here goes...

cut to the're going to make stock from the trotters.  the trotters are necessary for the stock because that is the glue or gelatin that holds the terrine together.
you may make your stock any way, flavor, you please, but this is my usual method... above is purely inserted to let you know what you will be dealing with...


you'll need 2 full TROTTERS, cut in half to make 4 pieces...they are usually sold cut in half
1 yellow or white onion
couple stocks of cut celery
couple cut up carrots
5 -6 smashed cloves of garlic
1 bigTbsp Mexican oregano
2 tsp cumin
1 tsp Mexican chili powder
1 tsp coriander
fresh pepper
salt when you're almost done reducing
water, or water and chicken stock, to cover...go ahead and use a can or 2 of chicken stock with the water if you have it...i might have used 1/2 and 1/2.
don't over fill.

bring to a boil and then to a slow simmer.  simmer for at least 3 hours.  the pig's feet skin should be falling off the bone and very fork tender.
check water level during cooking to make sure feet are still covered.
remove trotters and strain broth through very fine strainer...i suggest cheese cloth as well.  you want this broth to be very clean.  let broth cool and then refrigerate so that the fat will rise to the top for easy removal.
let your trotters cool to the you need to go through every bit and remove any small bones.
put all the trotter meat (skin) into a container with a little broth and refrigerate until ready to use.

roasted chicken...just go out and buy one...(can you spell "COSTCO")
cut or torn into big bite size pieces...i think i used about 1/2 a chicken
remove fat from broth container while it's cold...should pop right off the top.
warm the broth until it is liquid...TASTE TEST your broth...add a little more salt and pepper.  terrines always need a little extra flavor.
warm the trotter meat to loosen it up and cut into large pieces (or small if you don't want to really see them)
lightly spray a medium glass loaf pan
add meats to the loaf can layer if you'd like, but i just put it all in evenly dispersed.  you want to get a little something in every bite...pack it quite full.
then pour in your trotter broth.
i wanted my terrine to look packed so i pressed the meat down with another loaf pan and some soup cans.  you might find that more meat will fit in.  don't press too hard or you will have an over-flowing mess on your hands, but hard enough as to close the gaps between the meats.
put in fridge to cool and completely set.  this shouldn't take long...a couple of hours.
remove from loaf pan by slipping a knife around the edges and inverting onto plate.

slice and enjoy...this will keep for at least 5-7 days.

as far as any kind of serving suggestions?...i don't really know what you would pair this with.  i gobbled it up mostly by the slice, but served along with other cut meats and or some charcuterie type faire i think would be nice.  maybe some cornichons and a little Dijon or slap it between some bread and call it a "soup sandwich"...
any way you serve it you will enjoy it with a sense of pride knowing
you tackled the TROTTER

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