Caucasian Curry

Caucasian Curry

Flan Cake. Totally worth it !

all i can say is OMG !!!

absolutely CARAMELICIOUS !!!

i might have just found the 8th wonder of the world...
the answer to all ones problems...(at least mine)
the reason for all things being...
this could actually be 

do i like this cake...why, yes, i DO
do i suggest you make this cake...yes, i DO !!!

as you might know, i did try to make a Flan Cake last week.  total Flan Cake FAILURE as seen HERE.
i knew the idea of this cake sounded fabulous, but i had no idea it was going to be this good.  as i mentioned in the "failure post" i wasn't going to give up and i'm glad i didn't.   i tried a different recipe.  i think the first one had the wrong milk to egg ratio, but of course it could have been cook's error as well.

this recipe is pretty easy.  if you break it down it's all simple stuff, but you just have to have some patience and some faith.  if you intend to have it for a dinner party i suggest you start it in the morning or it can even be made the day before.  i had to let mine sit overnight because dinner was canceled.  the cake is easy to throw together, then bakes for about an hour, cooled down for another hour, then goes into the fridge for a couple of hours or over night...then before serving it comes out of the fridge and needs to come to room temp for about 2 hours.  this is where the patience comes in play.  FAITH? need it for the final unveiling...hoping that everything has cooked through and set properly.  no worries with this recipe if you follow it as i did.  
by the way...many thanks to the original blogger at What's Cookin, Chicago?
Joelen calls this a Tres Leche Flan Cake.  i'm not quite sure where the "Tres Leches" comes into play, but i love the secret ingredient of Coca Cola.  i think it's the perfect thing to add that extra caramel-ness to the store bought box cake.  i bet no one would ever know the cake part came from a box.

so...on with the recipe?...
i usually copy the recipe for your convenience, but this time i don't want to miss a step or make some typo that would send your cake to the failure pile like my first one...

BUT i will give you my few tips i think are necessary for success.
you might want to cut and paste these tips for the actual baking day.

1.  make sure you preheat your oven well
2. important....the time and temp works best for a regular oven setting...not convection.
3.  while prepping the cake, put some water on to boil for the bain marie.
4.  don't go overboard with the caramel in the bottom of the pan.  as you can see in my photo vs the original photo of Joelen's, my cake had a little dent on the top from the caramel ring....not a bad thing by any means, but you can always add some on after it is unmolded.  i found the real caramel called Cajeta de Leche at a Mexican market.
5.  DO use the Coke to replace the water.  i did NOT use the full can.  i used the amount the cake called for
6.  for the bain marie...make sure you put your bain marie vessel (i used a roasting pan) in the oven while it is preheating.
7.  put your cake in the bain marie pan and fill the bain marie with almost boiling water.
8.  after the long 2 hours of bringing it to room temp after refrigeration, you will have a pool of soupy caramel in the middle of the bundt not be alarmed.  either before or after you unmold the cake you should scoop this out with a small ladle and save for pouring over the cake.  if you don't, when you slice it you could have quite a flowing gush of caramel on your cake plate.

so without further adieu...
i give you the link to one of the best cakes i have ever made and ever tasted !

from Joelen at What's Cookin' Chicago?
the instructions are very well written and easy to interpret.
she also has a printer friendly app that come in handy.

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