Caucasian Curry

Caucasian Curry


i was going to start by saying i'm getting a head start on the pumpkin season, but that would be a BIG lie. i eat pumpkin pie just about every morning...1st thing. well, it IS "protein pumpkin pie".
i'll say it anyway..."get a head statr on your pumpkin ideas!"...this easy pound cake will ease you into the holidays...geezzz...holidays already!

this cake is more like a breakfast bread than a pound cake. it's moist but not thick, not too sweet and full of nuts. i was going to make a yummy cream cheese frosting that i think would be great, but i went for a lite drizzle of white glaze instead. this is the kind of cake you can dress up for an after dinner dessert or play it down for breakfast or an afternoon snack.
it called for a tube pan and all i had was this little 5 1/2 c. tuber, so i also got a medium loaf pan and a mini loaf pan of cake out of the deal.

i must admit, i'm kind of sucker for anything that has dripping glaze of any sort. it just always looks so ready to cut into.

you know?... i was just going to write the whole recipe out, but then i thought...i didn't change anything and i went exactly to the recipe..except for the size why copy it out when i can just link you to it...AND has printer friendly versions, which i love. does anybody else mind being linked to another page?...sometimes i prefer it so that it gives the other site props for the recipe and it's nice to see the recipe and the new interpretation from the blogger...i'd love to hear anyone's comments...
so go out and git yerself some punkin...i love that it's always available..year 'round.
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