Caucasian Curry

Caucasian Curry


i really don't know where i came up with this combo, but i gotta tell ya, it sure works for me. my 1st bite made me think i was at a 5 star hotel on a fabulous vacation somewhere just willing to try anything and everything different or out of the ordinary. but no, there i was in my own kitchen....darn...oh well...
anyway, lately i've been obsessed and facinated with the whole sweet savory thing. (spicy goes without saying because everything i eat has to have some heat to it). i was just falling asleep the other night and a thought came to me that i haven't ever seen anything with nuts and eggs together...i'm sure there are recipes out there, but i don't recall any. it's hard to come up with anything truely new anymore, ya know? someone's always done it before. but...i'm not lettin' the wind out of my sails yet...

i wish i could say that there's some big fancy recipe, but i like simple. put this with that and these and those...and if you don't have some of those then use whatever you think would be good and make it your own.

here's what i did........
fry pancetta(sliced like thick bacon) in a non stick pan. remove and place on paper towel
cook eggs to your liking in same pan(yes! in that yummy pancetta fat! duh...)
i scrambled mine with cheyenne, thyme, salt and fresh ground pepper
(the 1st time was a frittata, as seen above)
***sweet & spicy pecans from Trader Joes***
spicy pecans are a key factor (where ever you get them)

maybe a lil'extra cheyenne and thyme on top
maple syrup tableside
put these flavors together however you see fit and i think you'll be surprized. the variations on this are endless. my tastebuds are already rolling with more ideas for new combos and flavors.
let me know if you like this one and, for sure tell me your ideas...
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