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PALMIERS-easy simple elephant ears

palmiers, or elephant ears..whatever ya wanna call 'em..i'm in love with 'em. they are each so cute you almost don't want to..... SHOVE THE WHOLE THING IN YOUR MOUTH!?...crunch crunch crunch munch...gone....MORE!...

i've been wanting to make these for a really long time, and i finally got to it today. i bought the ready made pastry dough about a month ago and have been visualizing these puppies ever since. so easy!...but, i must say, a bit time consuming and potentially messy.
if you google palmier, there's all kinds of sites to check out. i found my guideline for success here. many thanks to "on my plate" for the step by step info. i went for the cinnamon sugar variety and i did add just a bit of brown sugar...just a bit, 1 T-ish.
my suggestion to those who want to give it a go is to give yourself a large area for rolling...this is where the potential mess can happen. you know how sugar can escape and soon you're doing the slippery shuffle sugar dance.
the time consuming part is the initial thawing, the rolling, the back in the freezer 15 min., the cutting and dipping BOTH sides...ok then...the oven 10 min, out and flip, back in 6-7 min, AND i chose to flip one more time and back in 4-5 min...WHEW !!! maybe it just seemed time consuming b'cuz i was dying to taste the crunchie finished product. in retrospect, it's allll worth it.
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