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white chocolate butterscotch toasted pecan cookies

i'm always looking to have just a little something in my sweets that could be considered...good for you? well, i found this old fashion chocolate chip oatmeal recipe at BIGOVEN, so i bake these puppies up and dole 'em out saying, "sure, have another....they're good for ya". i definitely wouldn't consider this an oatmeal cookie so don't be put off for that factor, but it has just a little, so there ya go....a little healthy.

by the looks of the dough, i thought i might have overdone it a bit with the goodies. the finished product came out just right, although i think i could have added even more toasted pecans.

this is a great recipe to play around with...
this time, as you can see, i used white chocolate chips, butterscotch chips and toasted pecans...(personally, i think toasting is important)
the recipe makes about 90-95 medium cookies
you decide if you prefer crunchy or chewy or maybe a bit of both
the bigger they are, the softer the center
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